The Game is a local multiplayer where up to 6 players challenge each other using toy cars in various location and 5 different game modes. It is built with Unity3D and it is designed to be played with controllers.

As you start a game in Micro Mayhem you have to choose a deadly character. At the moment we have 3 selectable vehicles that represent 3 different categories and play styles: heavy, medium and light. Every class has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and two different weapons: a base shot attack and a special ability with higher cooldown. To keep the game dynamic and evolving , we plan to add new vehicles and skin packs on a regular basis.


Micro Mayhem has 5 game modes to provide different ways to have fun with friends and make each game different from the last:

Free For All:
It’s the classic game mode when there is no time to think. You have to kill everybody and get the highest score first.

Last Man Standing:
An all against all where your only goal is to be the last player left alive.

Team Deathmatch:
Like ffa, but with players divided in two teams.

Capture the Flag:
Team-based combat where you have to steal the enemy flag and bring it to your base.

King of the Hill:
Only one goal: conquer and occupy a specific zone of the map to accumulate points. The first team that reach 100 points wins the match.

Footbal , backetball , hockey… have fun!.

Environment is a key part of micro mayhem.

Each scenario has unique elements that can affect gameplay and each game mode has a set of maps based on the three scenes currently available in the game: study desk , kitchen and playroom. We plan to add new types of maps regularly, involving our fans in the choice of locations.

Be careful when moving around the map, TRAPS MAY BE EVERYWHERE!

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Team Octolab

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